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Of clapboard dogs and pita cows

Lately, I’ve been reading Ceisiwr Serith’s latest work: Deep Ancestors: Practicing the Religion of the Proto-Indo-Europeans. It is a fascinating read, I must say. Perhaps owing to my long years in ADF and deep love of ancient history, I’m intrigued … Continue reading

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Trance to Aonghus Og

¬†Follow the beat of the drum, deeper and deeper into the Otherworld. Settle yourself under the Otherworldly Tree, the World Tree, the Axis Mundi. The Celts called it Bile, the Norse Yggdrasil. Even the Mongols had words for it, for … Continue reading

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“Blindfolded, I would know….”

Grian’s sun-face lights the leaves and limns the branches as the robins strike up an orchestra. Last night, I was reading Gabrielle Roth’s Sweat Your Prayers when I came upon this poem, which seems appropriate for Aonghus Og and Caer … Continue reading

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March thaw, the Lovers

Shreds of white lay on the leaf-litter. The rhododendron has shucked its ice-coating and unfurls its evergreen leaves, but the world is awash still in brown and gray. Gray sky, gray rain, the gray swell of rivers and stream against … Continue reading

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Why I don’t call myself a psychic

While I’ve been practicing cartomancy since the age of 9, I’d never describe myself as a “psychic.” The word makes me twitch; I much prefer “seer” or “diviner,” the old-fashioned terms. Why? “Psychic” comes from the Greek word for soul, … Continue reading

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the question in the heart

Bright-faced Day gleams off the white, watering the eyes. In like a lion and out like a lion: March in upstate New York. I’ve been a diviner since the age of 9, when I first began telling fortunes with playing … Continue reading

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