History Becomes Ledgend, Ledgend Becomes Myth-by Chris G.

As Jenne had mentioned in an earlier post, this blog is intended for the various members of the Druid group White Cat Grove to be able to publish our random musings.  WordPress does not make this easy, however. So I have to sign in as Jenne in order to post.  So here is my first White Cat Grove post. I hope you like it. -Chris

I did not learn the valuable skill of critical thinking until teenage years, and then only began to truly hone it as a not-so-young adult. I have always been a history buff. I learned a few facts on history as I went along. Namely, it isn’t altogether true or accurate. Think about this: can you remember what you did yesterday? Can you recall verbatim many of the conversations you had- even the critical ones? Most likely not, so how do we as a people recall so vividly events of centuries past? We don’t.  What happens is we tell each other the personal stories, then we begin to rehash them so they jibe well with others we like, then it gets further modified into an accepted cannon of stories. Other stories that are accurate (or more so) are rejected. Sometimes out of “respect” or just to avoid offending or annoying cretian people.  And then there is the bit about winners getting to write the histories.  Looking back into history is a bit like looking down into a very deep well. Understanding that the light waves get distorted by the water itself, and that the light cannot penetrate all the way to the bottom. The deeper we look, the less accurate the picture we see becomes.  faulty human memories and the need to appease distort what we see, and the darkness is the bits we forget about.

For instance many psychics have a tendency to bring up countless tales about the Titanic. How so many people had a feeling, dream or premonition and did not get on the ship. When it sank, they declared that they were amazed that they had the hunch of something was going to happen that saved their lives.  I believed this story as it was until the events of September 11th.  Now I myself have lived through an event that has made a big impression on America. At least for the time being. One thing I personally recall that does not jibe well with the premonition myth is that I know a lot of psychics, sensitive and the like. They types one would expect to have had a premonition of something bad about to happen around then.  The Internet had just gone mainstream and people were chatting and posting to newsgroups all over the place about what they were doing and feeling from day to day.

However, nobody was talking about any sense of foreboding, no feelings of “something” about to happen. If anyone mused about the upcoming next few years, they predicted the opposite  of what has happened. Psychics were saying the Aquarian Age was upon us. This ment an extremely good golden age period of enlightened brotherhood had dawned, and that hatred, especially of the religious kind, was dying out.  I have not met anyone who convinced me that they had a genuine premonition that something bad was going to happen prior to September 11.  After the incident, people came out of the woodwork to say variations of “you know, it’s funny, but I kind of had a feeling something like this would happen”  and dup up Nostradamus to say he told us so. I believe most of these claims are spurious at best. And it had me wondering. Could we have just tosses up all these stories of Titanic premonitions just to keep our favorite myth alive?  Psychic  TV shows claim there are a rash of cancellations prior to a disaster involving transportation.  But every mode of ticketed transportation has a number of cancellations before it embarks.

Thinking critically helps to sort out the news too. The oil spill incident that is ongoing shows this. It’s not too hard to spot the tricky camera angles that narrow things down so people get the impression of an army of clean up men busily raking the beach. I noticed in one puzzling image early on when the oil had not yet washed ashore (apparently) there was a gang of men marching by carrying rakes. A replay of the video gave me a moment to spot what was wrong with the photo.  First of all, I know from working with HAZMAT that wearing only half the suit is an OSHA violation. If you need the boots and pants, you need the coat too.  They are wearing white pants. Spotless white pants, while cleaning up oil. They are carrying rakes to rake up goo and tar balls, and the rakes are always clean.  Once I saw a shot of four or so clean suited guys sauntering past a “closed” beach and in the background are sunbathers in bikinis calmly reading books and sun tanning. Yeah right.

Getting back to more esoteric matters, I don’t think critical thinking mixes with religion well. I am reading a book called “The Secret History Of The World” by Mark Booth. He claims he learned all this by talking with initiates from secret societies. He makes one claim that humans evolved not from microorganisms such as germs as scientists believe, but that we humans evolved from some sort of pink vegetable with “waxy” bones. (Pg. 161) Why? This is used to make a logical sounding explanation for the way the Biblical  book of Genesis explains how humans came from a rib. Animals don’t reproduce asexually, therefore we must have been plants at one point.  Hieronymus Bosch once painted a figure of some weird pink thing that looks a hookah.  We believe today that he painted so much bizarre stuff because he may have been eating stale bread which had a mold that causes people to hallucinate. But, no matter: While tripping, he painted this thing {Pg. 161 again) that later occultists decided was man.

The author also makes a broad claim that ” Before the Trojan War everyone shared the same world of thoughts. Others could see what you were thinking. No such lie (i.e. the ruse of the Trojan Horse) would have been possible. People interacted with a terrible sincerity. They had a sense that we have lost that in everything they did they were taking part in cosmic events. ..The date of the siege of Troy is also the date of the first trick in history.”(Pg. 167} Italics by the author. This assumes a lot. I cannot dispute whether it is truly an authentic secret society teaching, but it asks us to skip a lot of logic and think “Oh, yeah, he’s right” rather than consider that there is a lot of stuff unearthed by archaeologists and anthropologists that plainly show that people have always been tricky. Stone Age hunters tricked game into stampeding off cliff edges. Old treaties cut in stone and cuneiform show us that humans could rely on others not knowing what  they were thinking at any given time.


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