a prayer to the Morrigan

A spontaneous prayer from some years ago, but well worth digging up, I think. It may be useful to someone, somewhere….

Morrigan, great queen, I accept.

Acceptance is not resignation. Acceptance is the key to the lock, followed by the push, the motion, that lets you out of the gate.

I accept the pain that I feel right now. and that there is no value judgment as to feeling. I feel as I do, and that’s enough; there are no shoulds, no oughts. What have you ever cared for them, painted warrior? Your laughter is the beating of the crow’s wings.

I accept the choices I have made, my mistakes, the times I have turned my head to the truth. I am human, after all. and I accept the choices of others, acknowledged or no.

I accept that this is the right thing, the necessary thing — and that all changes are painful, the shock of birth, the slap on the ass into the light.

I accept that this is the lesson you were trying to tell me, the journey I could not face, the trap of white around me amid the silence of spiders. and so I sent my soul away, buried it, because to keep her would force me to see how I’ve slighted her.

But she’s back now in her roost, by your grace. And the Shining Path that leads my heart is there too, burning under my feet.

I’ll follow it.


About whitecatgrove

The musings of a Druid priestess, singer, poet and musician in Upstate New York.
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