the Morrigan’s mode

A snapshot into aspects of my spiritual practice….

I use music in ritual as a praise offering and trance-induction, as well as a means to work what people these days often call magick. (I’ve never been keen on the term myself, but I’m not sure what else to call it.)  Since I play a variety of folk instruments — some of which you can see here — I have many to choose from. My favorites, drum aside, are the kantele and the harp.

Often, with the harp, I will choose a mode that fits the ritual purpose. For the Morrigan, I always choose the Locrian mode; in a C-tuned harp, the scale runs B C D E F G A. Despite the name, it’s not from ancient Greece; they had another term for it that I’m not entirely clear on.

The church once called it the devil’s mode because it has a diminished fifth in its main chord, resulting in a certain kind of dissonance. It’s a bit carnivalesque in its way.

So here’s to the Morrigan’s mode, and its trance-inducing properties!


About whitecatgrove

The musings of a Druid priestess, singer, poet and musician in Upstate New York.
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