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Poems for the season

My apologies for silence, although this is the season of silence. It’s a busy season too, with the rustle of leaves — the grove’s Samhain last week, our secular Halloween party this week and some haunting computer issues in between … Continue reading

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threads: a poem

A strand of hair, silvered, taut A bow string, harp string, gut singing A spider’s net, a worm’s cocoon looping white over the branch A branch catching the loose strands from the braid with a wincing pull — or the … Continue reading

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the neglected Kindred

The Ancestors are the Kindred most associated with the dark season: the season of death, cold, decay, the one we will consign the now-warm flesh of ourselves to during the moment of passage, whenever that may be. Of course, this … Continue reading

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and now a word from our sponsor

I’m a bit behind, owing to yesterday’s bathroom-cleaning frenzy and today’s headache. Headaches are a longstanding October tradition, for some reason. Perhaps it’s the weather change, or having to turn the heat back on. At any rate: blargh. I’m feeling … Continue reading

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the blood harvest

October’s light is pale, always half-sunset even with the clearest sky. Aine’s light dazzles but does not warm. It is time for the culling. Yes, I take the last harvest and compost most of the deck plants, and bring my … Continue reading

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Wisdom, weid and fios

Back to pondering virtue as it relates to my Druidic path. In ADF, the first virtue listed in the dedicants’ program is wisdom. It’s in Aedh Rua’s list as well, although further down the list: fios, with emphasis on knowledge … Continue reading

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the harp and patience

The 19-string medieval harp isn’t as well made as my 22-string model. It has only a single set of pins and the highest C doesn’t sound, since it rests on the rosewood frame. The frame itself is austere, more line … Continue reading

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