a snippet on courage

I’m not quite ready to return to virtues blogging, at least at this particular stroke of the minute hand.

I admit I had considered it a quick-hit series of topics when I first toyed with it. But I find myself wanting more time to think about the individual virtues — however the authors of varied lists define them — and make them my own.

The next will be courage. Snippets: one of my tarot clients, trying to leave an unbearable situation but encountering a wall of fear. Yesterday: My husband calling me brave during my periodic blood work appointments, although I don’t consider myself brave. Frightened and fainting even, yes — but the thought of not going doesn’t occur to me. I have to for my health, which is something I benefit from: hence, no courage.

But is that so true? I admired the courage of my tarot client, although she could only see her fear and her failures. She, too, would benefit immensely from leaving the situation at hand — although it would also bring with it a good deal of suffering.

Perhaps I am falsely correlating courage with self-abnegation, in the effort to relate it to pure selflessness. A cancer patient facing painful and longlasting treatment is often considered courageous — by others, not often by himself. What is courage to an outsider is a matter of survival to the protagonist.

So, I’m still formulating thoughts. As a concept, courage is still in the snippet phase. I want more time to roll it on my tongue.

Today, we’re doing a rite of transformation invoking Brighid as the smith. Working with heat, sweat and flames takes courage, as well.


About whitecatgrove

The musings of a Druid priestess, singer, poet and musician in Upstate New York.
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