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A sex-free Bealtaine?

It’s perplexing, in a way. I love spring but have historically detested Bealtaine — which is utterly unfair to the holiday. It’s the hinge of the year, the start of summer according to the old reckoning; its counterpart, Samhain, was … Continue reading

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Spring: A ditty

Rain and thunder, thunder and rainComes the spring with its mud and its painAs the hull cracks and the new leaf, rawpokes through the ash in delicate awe. The robins cry: Enemy, away!Trilling threats, masculine displayattacking reflections trapped in glassand … Continue reading

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Forgiveness. To give forth, from the Old English “forgiefan.” What are you giving forth? Your pardon. Freedom from the obligations of paying you back, or of fulfilling the mandates of justice. It’s never been a virtue that has appealed to … Continue reading

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Swan and singing bird: Aonghus Og

Lately, I’ve been contemplating Aonghus Og. In part, it’s because of my experiences on Mean Earraigh and the subsequent inspiration for poetry and music. His nature reminds me of a spring bubbling up from the ground or flowers thrusting upward … Continue reading

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A meditation to share: Brighid’s Well

The following meditation is one that I frequently use for myself, as well as use in rituals for White Cat Grove. The central images are Brighid’s well and the┬ábile, or sacred tree, upon which strips of cloth are hung. In … Continue reading

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My apologies for the wonky formating. No matter how many spaces I add between paragraphs, wordpress won’t recognize them. If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this, please let me know.

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digging in the dirt: humility as a virtue

It’s time to explore a lost virtue, one that doesn’t make it onto any Pagan list: humility. We associate humility with Christianity, with traditions that espouse a concept of sin, with self-abnegation. Monks in rough-woven habits, flagellating themselves in a … Continue reading

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