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“You do not have to be good….”

We are all vases with hairline cracks, quilts missing a few stitches. Our edges don’t quite match. We have pores, wrinkles, sags and gray strands. We are all capable of kindness and cruelty, childishness and magnamity. I often berate myself … Continue reading

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Tilled fields, shared words

In Milton’s day, conversation meant sex — quite literally so. It was a “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” sort of word, coming from a Latin term meaning “to associate with.” To communicate, also from our Latin ancestors, is “to make common,” … Continue reading

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tunes and bugs

 Yesterday, Kwannon, the music project I have with my significant other, played a rare gig. And I’m proud to report: We survived. And that’s good. After weeks of practice, the weather glowered — and then, a few hours after our … Continue reading

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Spiritual warriors?

Spiritual warrior. It’s a term I find occasionally in yoga magazines as well as New Age texts. You find it in Christian works as well, although it seems to mean something different there. Or does it? I admit that I’ve … Continue reading

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