Irene and WWOAD

Storms come. Earthquakes shake the ground. Plants fall or withstand, and animals quiver.

Such occurrences stem from the cycles of Earth and Ocean, the macrocosm of which we are part. Storms, floods and earthquakes have always touched us. And I wonder: WWOAD? (What would our ancestors do?)

Simply put, they’d react when the situation struck, clean up the pieces, and make offerings to the spirits in thanks for their lives, or with pleading for their loved ones. They didn’t have Doppler radar to track storms a week before they hit, river gauges for up-to-the-minute hydrological reports, or NOAA to issue alerts. The signs of nature — the sky, the behavior of animals — might give some sign of the impending phenomena, but not with enough lead time to evacuate. And in the days before automobiles and highways, evacuation was a slow business.

And so. Before you join the ever-lengthening line for batteries and bottled water, think of the ancestors.

They would have food stored away and perhaps a source of potable water, or at least pans to catch the rain. You never know when storms, illness or bad harvests will strike. It’s best to have some modicum of preparation for life’s eventualities ready anyway, and not scurry last-minute to make provisions for, say, the total cinematic breakdown of society.

They, too, would have known that if it’s your time to get hit, it’s your time — and no amount of grease will help you slip out of it. Sometimes, you just get hammered, whether you’re the righteous or the unprepared. Live and learn, die and move on.

And so. I don’t pray for the Storm God to move aside (although an amble to drought-stricken Texas would be nice). Who am I to order about the planet’s greater powers, or order her cycles? I pray instead that individuals find reserves of calm and strength inside themselves to weather all storms and adapt to whatever circumstances confront them.


About whitecatgrove

The musings of a Druid priestess, singer, poet and musician in Upstate New York.
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