Poems: The Children’s Hour, Scene with Catbird, Vow of Silence

Some poems from my grad school archives:

The Children's Hour
Your mind
is a cartoon
cotton-candy paints
mixed in Tokyo
a million frames
for every motion

oversize rabbits
and talking shoes
you defy
the laws of technology
and pain

small birds twitter
and circle your headaches
a flying machine
only toddlers would giggle

a safe on my head
you think trapdoors are funny
I fire your animators
and read a good book.

Scene with catbird
Toes in the clover
dragonfly armored
with green mirrors
and cross-winged

Heels drum
the chest-dancer
and the lungs' breathy rattle

Slate gray bird
colored a thunderhead
singing in  tongue
not its species

Trees purr back
the bees bristle
a rabbit limps
in the rose bush

Vow of Silence
You cannot catch the beautiful.
Caterpillar, it wriggles
leaving only exoskeleton
and cracked plate glass.

Words net only the ugly
the gnats, the ghosts
the growling angst of a ship
rotting shoreline.

If I caught
a night speckled firefly
on the tip of my tongue
in the hollow of my tooth
would you taste it
would you know
what I meant?


About whitecatgrove

The musings of a Druid priestess, singer, poet and musician in Upstate New York.
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