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Harvest choices

My fingers pause, turning the leaves up, counting the tomatoes still green. I spare those plants. As the gray gathers overhead, I weigh the green leaves of the eggplant, its purple blossoms. The still-green leaves of the pepper plant, shorn … Continue reading

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Book Review By Stormlight-Pagan Anger Management by Tammy Sullivan

  Book Review– Pagan Anger Magic by Tammy Sullivan. Ah, nothing quite like a New Age Self-Help book. These books are really geared for young people– Uh, that is to say I **hope** they are – who are experiencing and … Continue reading

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Fun with instruments. Yay!

Last night, the hammers danced over the dulcimer. Hands danced over the doumbek. The stick slapped the berimbau, with the drum as an amplifier. We had fun — just pure creativity, voice and instrument and rhythm, experimentation. If the sound … Continue reading

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