A traveler seeks directions

I won’t say that music is easy, especially when it comes to recording.

Writing it can be, when the sounds and words flow from the moment. Awen or imbas are the Welsh and Gaelic words, respectively, for the inspirational process. Flowing-forth or shining-knowledge, however you see it. Or breathing-in, to translate the Latin.

Recording, on the other hand, is a bit like taking a hefty Number Two and going back to look at it. The heights and depths you hear in your inspired mind? They never translate well to the world of vibrating strings and vocal chords, flesh and digits. So you try, and try again. And, perhaps if you’re lucky, you get to the point where you realize that the Platonic music of the spheres can never in actuality manifest on Earth and just release the goddamned album.

So I did, for time number five: “Ancestor,” available at www.kwannon.net. You can even hear a few tracks from all my albums there, as well as on our Myspace — yes, we have a Myspace account still — at www.myspace.com/kwannon.

Music is difficult, but marketing is even harder — especially when you consider that the personality type apt to create and record music is almost never that of the person who sells it. Sad fact, that. We’re both goodhearted introverts who are shy about proclaiming our worth, passing around the mead-horn and boasting to all gathered. In fact, we rarely have the chance to sneak into a gathering place, being somewhat unsocial, creative types.

And so, dear reader, that’s where I humbly ask your help. I used to send Kwannon music to Pagan podcasts of various stripes — which are all out of business, thanks to the Pandora revolution and the inherent messiness of life. I doubt I can get on Pandora without the backing of a label.

In short: Where shall I send “Ancestor”? Any particular review sites out there, Pagan music outlets or whatnot I should look for?

A lot of artists fund their work through Kickstarter. I fund my own — but I’m looking for a Kickstarter of connections, so to speak. Can anyone give a traveler a few directions on the road?


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