Sound meditation

I’m here! Creatively speaking, I’ve just been busy with my Henge of Keltria projects and recording new Kwannon music. Here is a meditation from an article I’m working on for Henge Happenings:

Settle into stillness. Let go of your thoughts for a moment – just a moment, then two, then more – and just listen. Listen to the ambient sounds around you: the hums, the clicks, the creaks, the chatter of birds and of humans, the purrs and the barks. Listen to how these sounds show you the shape of your space, the shape of your environment, with the way they travel to your ears. Know what the bat knows, the whale, the dolphin: that sounds show the shape of space, the container that holds you.

Now listen to your breath, the sound that is always with you as long as you walk the earth-path. Don’t change it; just listen. It has a subtle pattern that rises and falls like ocean waves, like the salt water that comprises most of your body and our planet. Life is water, and it is breath that flows like water.

Now listen to your heart. If it is difficult to hear, but your hand over any pulse-point or the heart itself. Or, cup your hands over your ears like shells, and listen to the roar of blood through your veins. The heart is a drum, the shaman’s drum of the body, binding you to this world. Its beat drives the dance of your life, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. When its song ends, you are released from this body and this life. It is always there, from before you were born. It will be there until you die.

Now travel the thread of breath, of heartbeat, back to the room. Listen to the ambient sounds. And speak your own name to bring you to the here, the now, of this place.


About whitecatgrove

The musings of a Druid priestess, singer, poet and musician in Upstate New York.
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