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You can do it: On excellence, “talent” and 10,000 hours

“That pose you did — it’s like poetry. I could never do it,” a woman says to me after our morning yoga class. I’ve practiced yoga on and off for at least 17 years, and there are some poses — … Continue reading

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Poem: Equinox

The blue has returned, a harbinger of the next generation of robins, the bold hydrangeas on the neighbor’s bush   but that’s all in the planning just now. There is white snow and shreds of white cloud the meltwater rushing … Continue reading

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Poem: Hummus

This morning I scraped the hummus into the trash. For a week it lurked, with its pale creamy peaks uneaten but smelling of desert and delight   I had made it for you – swirled the olive oil and tahini, … Continue reading

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