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Meán Fómhair: The ritual I plan to do

For all those who struggle to assemble their own rites, I will attach mine for Meán Fómhair, the autumn equinox. I use a variety of sources to assemble my rites, from the chants I know (and some I occasionally write, although … Continue reading

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Peace, retreat and the master’s tools

Lately, I’ve been thinking about Ursula LeGuin’s The Eye of the Heron, which I read years ago. While I don’t have a copy handy — I plucked it from a library shelf at the time — it’s one of the many … Continue reading

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Poem: Mosquitoes

Boiling, that still water. The nymphs have turned maenad, thirsting for wine, for rending, for life and its component parts. So easy to slap it away, this truth: that there is beauty that we are not prepared to see, to … Continue reading

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Poem — Coll/The Hazel

Author’s note: Another one of my ogham poems. What is wisdom? Hold it in your palm: Smooth as a river stone, but not a stone. Brown as a furrow fresh-turned, but not the earth. The plow’s sharp tooth has touched … Continue reading

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