New Kwannon songs and meanderings, free for the listening

New Kwannon songs!

I can’t promise that they will stay the same, or if they will appear on an album. I’m still honing my recording skills.

A silly instrumental piece inspired by frogs and featuring the “ass piano.”

The Hummingbird song, featuring the gopichand and a host of other instruments. No effects, either, on this one.

A personal fave, especially because I get to use the flanger on the harmonium.

“Proserpine” features one of my poems, as well as the Homeric Hymn to Demeter and the hammered dulcimer.

Featuring the HAPI drum and my ogham poem, “Sail.”

Lyrics by the “peasant poet,” John Clare. Just me and the dulcimer on this one.

Weirdness with a kantele and a bowed psaltery.

Lyrics by Emily Bronte. In all seriousness, I need a track of someone sobbing great choking tears to fill this out. Any volunteers?


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