Poem: Concordia

On those waters, blue as the sky,
a massive ship veers its bulk
so that a single man may hold up
a single hand
in lordly welcome to the shore

oh we doubt it now
when the monolith tips and keels
and people slip off the tilted world
ducking under that incredible blue
now iron gray in the shadow
now we say
captain o my captain
you have led us astray

but on the crisp morning of that day
we clustered the decks
some in praise of the command
of a single man that loomed
so lordly, so grand
such daring in that simple impulse
borne from the gut
where we think all wisdom stems
because pleasure cruises are no place
for stodgy eggheads

but most, truth be tolled, milled
to catch the day, chat with friends,
scoop all the pleasures of daily life
aqua-blue water clear in the hand
and we didn’t see the land prowling closer
the single man with his solitary gesture
hand held high in the sea-blue air
until there, that spot
where the world tipped

and faces slipped under
one by one
names we knew, which made it real.
And then we reach that final wet accord
that we should stick to the sea lane
and prosecute the fools
rather than reopen the buffet
and laugh as spangled girls slide off
that tilted stage

only in the end do we know
why the boat was named for
the goddess of peace

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