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New Kwannon songs and meanderings, free for the listening

New Kwannon songs! I can’t promise that they will stay the same, or if they will appear on an album. I’m still honing my recording skills. A silly instrumental piece inspired by frogs and featuring the “ass piano.” The Hummingbird … Continue reading

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Poem: Flies

The carcasses of flies litter the floor always near the windows. You’re convinced that somehow the house is spawning them   that something in the vent breathes up flies. But I’ve seen them clutch at the houseboards, the doorpanes in … Continue reading

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Meán Fómhair: The ritual I plan to do

For all those who struggle to assemble their own rites, I will attach mine for Meán Fómhair, the autumn equinox. I use a variety of sources to assemble my rites, from the chants I know (and some I occasionally write, although … Continue reading

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Peace, retreat and the master’s tools

Lately, I’ve been thinking about Ursula LeGuin’s The Eye of the Heron, which I read years ago. While I don’t have a copy handy — I plucked it from a library shelf at the time — it’s one of the many … Continue reading

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Creepy-crawly: The virtues of the Fomhoire

In the vision, the ants loom like giants — akin to a horror film. And similarly gigantic, a catbird appears with its keen black eye and gobbles them up. It then takes flight and then lands, appropriately catbird-sized, on Brighid’s … Continue reading

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Eight of Cups: Leaving one path and finding another

The Eight of Cups has always haunted me. Its image: A traveler headed toward the hills, lit by the full moon, cloak unfurled and walking stick in hand. Behind her, a stack of shining goblets, beautiful in the moon’s light. … Continue reading

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No Maypole? No problem! Tips on celebrating the Feast of Flowering

No doubt they rose up early to observe The rite of May, and hearing our intent Came here in grace our solemnity. — Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream The great hinge of the year swings to Beltaine, the Feast of … Continue reading

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