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This isn’t the typical sort of post for me, but I’ve been wanting to do it for a while. As someone who creates music, I know that creators of any sort of art or object can find it tough to get the word out. So, here are two artisan products I particularly love.

Green Haven Soaps are Druid-made, but that’s not the only reason I love them. They are all-natural and smell wonderful; I’m particularly partial to the wide variety of earthy/woodsy-themed soaps they have, but I’ve also jonesed over rosy Medieval Maiden and perky peppermint Leprechaun. Unlike a lot of artisan soaps, these are normal size bars, not those little slivers you usually get. Try ’em!

I’m a fan of Esmeralda Littleflame’s Temple of the Twelve series, which has been described as a Wiccan fairytale. I think the description is apt, and it’s one of the reasons I read it: it’s gentle and kind, like the author herself. At any rate, in the Chroinia universe, the gods — the Twelve — are colors.

The perfumer behind the The Misery Love Company also loves the Twelve and has created a series of color-themed perfume oils that I’m slowly but surely acquiring.

Some thoughts: Black: sexy, dark and deep, perfect with that slinky dress for an evening out. Pink: sweet and girly, strawberries in spring. Silver: smells a bit like sandalwood to me, misty and amorphous. Blue: blueberries! One of my faves. Red: sweet red berries in summer, mingled with a Jolly Rancher. Green: foliage and flowers. Orange: those ice cream bars with the pale orange on the outside and vanilla on the inside. Or orange-flavored Italian ice. Purple: an exact replica of the perfume my mom used to wear, called Poison. And lots of grape juice and Manischevitz. Brown: Caramel and baked goods! Yum. White: An extra heavy dose of vanilla. Double-yum. Gold: the only one I haven’t sampled yet, alas. Yellow: totally bananas! And very cheerful.


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The musings of a Druid priestess, singer, poet and musician in Upstate New York.
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